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How do I refer my friends to get the $10 Discount?

When your friends order using HoodyFoody first time. Just have them mention your name at Special Instructions on Checkout - Example - "Referred by Max Bond."



How do I cancel my order?

Just hit feedback and send us an email. OR on the order status page (iPhone only). You will see phone number for our field manager to call and cancel. 

What is the pickup time?

The pickup times indicate the best estimate of time it would take for your order to be ready for pickup when you use HoodyFoody. 

Some food trucks listed as "not taking app orders"?

We thrive to work with every food truck that serve lunch near your office. However, some food trucks do not wish to partner with us for various reasons like perishable food. We continue to mitigate the concerns and try to partner with them. 

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